Programmes available from JHP Training

ProgrammesJHP Training specialise in delivering training tailored to the needs of your business to ensure that you receive the most effective and focused workforce development possible.

We firmly believe that personalising learning and integrating programmes into the employees job role is the ideal way to balance exceptional training with the pressures of the modern workplace. The provision of vocational training is at the heart of everything that we do.


National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs)

Stand-alone NVQs are available for employees of all ages and are competency-based awards which reflect the core skills, knowledge and understanding that underpin a job role. Support can also be provided with Basic Skills, such as literacy and numeracy, to those who require it.


Apprenticeships are available to employees of all ages to develop job abilities whilst providing relevant theory and key skills. The Apprenticeship frame work is made up of three elements:

  1. NVQ

    In the relevant vocational subject.

  2. Technical Certificate

    Develops the employee's skills and knowledge in the technical aspects of their role.

  3. Functional Skills

    Covers the transferable English, maths and IT skills that all employees need to carry out their job roles effectively.

Find out how JHP Apprenticeships can help you build your workforce of the future.  

Professional and Managerial Qualifications

JHP Academy specialises in professional and managerial qualifications to offer complete and continuous career development. The latest learning technology ensures flexible programmes nationwide across a range of areas including leadership and management, welfare to work, learning and development, teaching and much more. Working in partnership with employers, we are able to design and deliver professional development solutions tailored to unique business requirements. For more information, click here.