Case Studies

Gerry Connelly - Training for Work to Full-Time Employment

Gerry had worked as a HGV driver for many years but was unfortunately made redundant. He had the opportunity to obtain full-time employment with a local coach company, Marbill Coaches, on the proviso  that he first passed his PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) license.

Gerry was referred to JHP Employability from the Kilbirnie JobCentre and attended his first interview on 18th December where an in-depth discussion was held about the modules involved in the PCV license. Gerry and his advisor were sure that this was the right route for him and Gerry started in-Centre on 4th December, regularly attending to study for his theory, case study and hazard perception tests. Gerry progressed well and his tests were booked relatively quickly and he passed all modules first time.

Gerry then attended Ritchies Training Centre, a specialist in driver training, for the practical elements of the licensing process. The course was five days with the test booked for the sixth day – unfortunately the test has to be cancelled due to snow and was re-scheduled for the following week. The re-test also had t be cancelled due to severe weather conditions and JHP Employability applied to Skills Development Scotland for an extension to allow Gerry to sit the test when the weather conditions improved.

Eventually the snow disappeared and Gerry was able to sit his test – although it had been two weeks since his training, he passed with no problems. Gerry completed the last module covering Health and Safety vehicle checks and was issued with his test certificates which allowed his license to be processed. Marbill Coaches were now able to confirm his offer of employment and Gerry was given a start date the following week.

During Gerry’s training, his daughter gave birth to his first grandchild and his new employment gives him the means to spoil the baby in just the way that a granddad should. Gerry also added that he was glad the pregnancy was over as he had suffered morning sickness and back-ache all the way through!!