Case Studies

Mark Faulds - Training for Work to Starting New Business

Mark was referred to JHP Employability from Working Links and Cumnock Job Centre after a period of unemployment as he wanted to start up a handyman service but needed his chainsaw license. Mark is a lone parent and wanted to run his own successful business to give his children a better start in life. The training and exam were available for the Training for Work programme offered by JHP Employability so an interview was arranged and we discussed what Mark had achieved so far and his plans for self-employment.

Mark had a good work history with varied experience and it was obvious that he was serious about starting his new business venture. He had done his homework and was confident there was enough demand to make a living from the business. He had applied to Working Links and they had helped him by purchasing a trailer for his business and put him in touch with the various organisations that could support him further.

Mark was accepted on to the Training for Work course and attended in-centre to study for his chainsaw course – he then went to the Scottish Agricultural College based at Auchincruive estate to complete his practical training and successfully passed all his exams.

The next stage was for Mark to print flyers and business cards and sign-off at the Jobcentre ready to launch his new business. Initial signs are very good for the business and Mark is already making a decent living – he is delighted with the training he got from JHP Employability and says it gave him the extra qualification he needed to be successful in his new line of work.