Case Studies

Natalie Morgan - A1 London Assessor Project

Following completion of a coaching course and recommendation from a mentor, Natalie looked into Assessing as a career and was given the details of the ‘London Assessor Project’ at JHP Academy (online assessor training arm of JHP Training).

Whilst under support of JHP Academy, Natalie was able to develop many of the skills required for the Assessor job role but what she came to value more was the ‘element of fun that the team at JHP Academy seemed to inject into the sessions’.

JHP Academy had put Natalie in contact with Southgate College to undertake the practical element of her A1 training and having made a good impression there Natalie was immediately given candidates of her own on a freelance basis. To date, Natalie has helped 15 learners to complete their NVQs, and has candidates at several other locations working towards their qualifications.  Natalie is a dedicated Assessor; she now works with people out of work to achieve NVQ units and has successfully helped two further people complete their A1 Award.

Natalie admitted, “Becoming an Assessor has been one of the best moves I have made in a while. I am very grateful to Hanna, Tom, Andrew and Farheen at the JHP Academy for helping to make my career transition such a smooth and fun one.”

Assessing had become far from the stereotypical job for her and in fact became a fun yet learning experience for both the learner and herself.