Case Studies

Ron Cooper - Employability Skills Programme Leading to Full-Time Employment

Ron Cooper was unemployed for over three years after he lost his job. He was struggling to get interviews when he was referred to Dave Rooney, an advisor at his local Jobcentre Plus. Dave recognised that Ron had difficulties with literacy and numeracy and that this was holding him back in his job search. He referred Ron for a Basic Skills Assessment and then onto a full time Employability Skills course with Jobcentre partner JHP, which he completed in half the normal time.

‘The main difference the course made to me was that I regained my self esteem. As I had been out of work for some time I hadn’t noticed how down my attitude had become. Only a couple of weeks into the course my family and friends noticed I was getting back to my old self.’

Ron then volunteered to help out on the course and started “mentoring” other students on a voluntary basis. When a vacancy arose for a tutor on the Employability Skills course Ron was a little overwhelmed at the thought of applying. With support, he made an application and was offered a work trial, which he successfully completed. He became a full time Trainee Tutor on the same course that had helped him get back to work.

Dave his personal advisor said: “For a guy in his fifties who hadn’t worked for nearly four years Ron’s progress was incredible. This is the best outcome I’ve seen in my 6 years as an adviser. He is a great example of what we can help people to achieve with a bit of support and enthusiasm.’

Ron has been employed by JHP for nearly 12 months and is now working towards his teaching qualifications. He has continued to develop as a tutor and is using his experience to help other people like him on the program.

‘The biggest difficulty I have to admit was the number of job applications that were never answered. I am now a firm believer that you are never too old or set in your ways to change the direction of your life.’