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 JHP Training has been at the forefront of vocational training for over 25 years. With over 50 Business Centres across the UK, we specialise in providing vocational training solutions to individuals as well as local, regional and national businesses.

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Basic Employability Training learners get historical on a team building day with JHP Training Nottingham

BET Goes Historical

For learners on its Basic Employability Training (BET) programme, JHP Nottingham recently arranged a team building project called 'Celebrating the History of Nottingham'.

Over a three day period BET learners and staff visited various attractions in and around Nottingham for the project, including The Caves of Nottingham, The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham Castle, The Tales of Robin Hood and The Crown Courts.

Following three days of visits, the team were asked for feedback and confirmed that the experience had been a good one for them and that it had raised their awareness of what was available in their home city. All of the learners that took part said the project had been a great team building exercise which they all thoroughly enjoyed it - and indeed their tutors enjoyed it too!

Celebrating the Buddha's Birthday

By continuing to recognise the importance of being aware of other religions and cultures, and promoting best practice in equality and diversity, Young mums to Be participants in Nottingham recently engaged in an interactive project to celebrate the birth of Buddha.

Buddhist Display at JHP NottinghamA variety of activities were organised to mark the special day. Participants spent the day learning about the Buddha and discovered the story behind Buddhism. The whole day was interactive; storyboards, cartoon pictures and displays were all created to explain the story to others. All participants very much enjoyed the session:

"We learnt the story of Buddha, his real name, and the meaning of enlightenment. I enjoyed making the display the most because it was something different and felt I learnt the most when doing this because it was interactive; we weren't just reading or listening."

JHP Training takes a positive attitude to Equality Opportunities and Diversity, and representatives are appointed at each of our Centres nationwide. JHP Nottingham will continue to promote this to learners throughout the course of the YMTB programme, by celebrating the Martydom of Guru Arjan Dev and Solistice over the next few weeks. Equality and Diversity is also integrated as a key feature into the many other programmes we offer at our Centres.

Hard Graft and a Will to Win

Apprentices in Nottingham are being spurred to success by a motivating article in the Times newspaper. The recent article, entitled 'Apprenticeship Millionaires', highlights the increasing number of Britain's successful entrepreneurs who began their career with vocational training and, according to our own Colette Byrne, it's proving to be a fantastic tool for inspiring JHP learners.

"Apprenticeships are about hard work and a fantastic alternative to college. Not everything is about grades, and these people prove that with the sheer will to succeed, anything is possible. These millionaires started at the bottom and worked their way up - they're great role models, and perfect examples of how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it."

Woollaton Hall, nr Nottingham - A future residence, perhaps, for a JHP learner who strikes it rich?The 'rich list' includes some familiar faces - TV chef Jamie Oliver, who has an NVQ in Home Economics, and ex-Hairdressing Apprentice John Freida, but the award for most successful vocational learner goes to John Caudwell, owner of Phones 4U. John, who began life as an engineering apprentice, is now worth an estimated 1.3 billion and owns his own twin-propeller aircraft. He puts his success down to 'hard graft and a sheer will to win,' a real encouragement to JHP Apprentices that the sky really is the limit!

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